Looking for a place to rent?

Renting a place to live should be fun. Trintals.com is a smart application that handles all the serious (seriously boring) home rental details. You get to experience the thrill of finding the perfect place to call home.

Trintals.com takes care of all the little nuts and bolts and waiting in line and pencil pushing so you can relax and enjoy life. Get it all with a free membership at Trintals.com.

How does renting work with Trintals?

It all happens in 3 easy steps.

Let’s break it down so you know the lingo and the moves:

  • 1

    Fill out a short renters profile;
    Build your Tenant Report

  • 2

    Find a place you like;
    Tap and apply to rent

  • 3

    Approve and sign your lease;
    Automate rent payments

We set you up with this:

The universal, reusable application

Sometimes you get lucky - but most people have to apply to several different places before they score The One. You can use this profile to apply to rent at as many places as needed.

Your Tenant Application

Every rental vacancy is managed by a landlord and every landlord requires your tenant report before they will consider your application.

  • Tenant Profile

    We build a profile for you by asking a few quick questions about who you are and what you are looking for.

  • Credit History

    Includes your Credit Score + bill payment history, loans, current debt, and other financials, residence, employer, lawsuits, arrests and bankruptcy filings.
    Learn more about screening reports.

  • Background Check

    Includes eviction, criminal history, entries on sex offender or other public databases, driving records, drug and illegal arms possession and more.

Easy search tools

Find the rental of your dreams with all the right features in the perfect neighborhood and a lease that matches your budget.

Impartial and robust lease agreements

We provide lease templates that are fair, up to date, verified and approved by our attorneys. They can be modified if needed to handle special cases and you sign online in seconds. Learn more about lease agreements.

Bank to bank direct rent payments

Connect your bank account to make secure, online rent payments to your landlord. With auto-deposit and tenant payment reminders you will soon forget about paper checks. Learn more about paying rent.

Massive Marketing

The promotional power of the world’s largest rental listing providers can be yours. We automatically syndicate your listing with our distribution partners to maximize visibility and minimize vacancy.

Home Sweet Rental Home

Trintals exists because we believe that renting a home should be super fast, extremely simple, and easy on your wallet.

Our secure online platform connects landlords, real estate agents and renters to a suite of integrated home rental services.