About Us

When you consider the life of our founder, it's surprising that Trintals didn't happen a lot sooner than it did. With a background in software engineering and a growing property (strictly rentals) management enterprise, Shankar T. is the perfect type to start a company like Trintals, but he never felt the need until something happened just over a year ago.

"I was sitting down with a programmer I hired to do some custom modifications to the property management software we were using. We were laughing a little bit - but at the same time being frustrated about this piece of supposedly best-in-class software and what we had to go through just to get it to work the way we wanted it to. My programmer mentioned that his mother wanted to use her retirement savings to invest in a rental property and wondered if I could help her or give her any good advice. I said that the best advice I had at the moment would be to use pencil and paper for the next 10 years until the software caught up. We had another good laugh about this but I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity staring me in the face."

More and more software products are released every day as solutions to the needs of the real estate rentals market. This is probably because, on the surface, it seems like a pretty easy application to put together - a database of products (properties) and a database of customers (renters) - match them up and you’re in business. This simplistic view is why most of these solutions fail. There is so much more to a successful lease than matching renter to property, and a great software tool must integrate ALL the pieces into its architecture. But that’s only half the battle: if property managers and renters don’t find the tool easy (perhaps even enjoyable) to use, then it’s not a solution to anything.

"I put together a team to develop the best solution to the needs of the home rentals market. We combine many decades of expertise in property management with equal powers in software design and development - including my original hired programmer, along with his mother as a reminder that we are building a tool that anybody can use without an instruction manual."

We’re building a tool that includes all the features you would ever want or need to easily rent out your property or find a rental home to live in. Trintals is that tool, and we are building in the intelligence of our combined experience and the ability to learn and adapt to the needs of users and of a changing marketplace.

Renting doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt. It doesn’t matter if you rent a trendy penthouse apartment or the main floor of a midcentury bungalow - we call it home.

Our Team


Thayver, Founder

Sankar M Thayver is an entrepreneur, investor and a technologist. He is a partner at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lifestyles Realty and Initus capital, founder of Lifestyles Rentals Inc and is also a top producing Real Estate agent. He has been involved in many startups at various levels prior to his real estate carrier. He holds an MBA from BIM, India is a runner, yogi and an avid follower of value investing gurus Benjamin Graham, Philip Fischer and Warren Buffet.



Chandirasegar, UX Architect

Mithun Chandirasegar is a full stack Linux Developer with experience in various aspects of the software development life cycle from design, architecture, development, implementation, optimization to Quality control. Mithun is passionate about design, user experience, look and feel and is brilliant in translating concepts into wireframes and mockups that lead to intuitive user experiences. At Trintals he heads and leads the UI/UX team.



Yepuri, Project Lead

Murali Yepuri is a Solution Architect with around 12+ years experience proposing and solving complex business problems. He has extensive experience working with major global organizations like MasterCard, CitiBank, Halliburton, Altria Group, Blue Cross and McKesson. At Trintals, he is primarily responsible for product delivery, identifying risks and dependencies, finalizing business requirements, resource utilization, project planning, Onsite and Offshore team coordination.



Luckett, Product Advisor

Daniel Luckett, Senior Product Strategist, has worked in every aspect of property management over the past decade. He recently developed a management team that grew from 300 to 700 properties in one year, and his industry specific experience in high volume tenant screening, lease preparation, rent collection, and lease dispute resolution will help to ensure that we proactively offer a product that realistically meets the needs of our users.



Pedersen, Business Advisor

Kris Pedersen has worked for the past fifteen years in every aspect of real estate and property management. Throughout his career he has overseen sales, development, planning and acquisitions for major developments throughout the southeast, where he mentored and managed sales teams in developing the highest levels of market expertise. He is currently a partner at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lifestyles Realty and owner of Lifestyles Property Services, putting his exemplary experience to use to ensure the company maintains the highest level of professional expertise and customer satisfaction.


Sood, Business Advisor

Ravi is a corporate, finance & branding strategist. He holds an MBA, CPA & CMA. He has led a few ventures that have been brand and/or platform-oriented. He was CEO of VoodooPC, a hardware brand that exited to Hewlett Packard in 2006. He led marketing for a $5.5 Billion private equity firm focused on technology and the IP economy. He also advises with a venture capital firm based in NY & Boston.